Practice Areas

Construction Litigation/Arbitration/Mediation
Tunstead & Schechter has extensive experience litigating in the State and Federal Courts, where we have achieved positive results for plaintiffs and defendants, including many multi-million dollar awards for our clients. We have similarly succeeded in our representation of claimants and respondents in arbitration, and routinely settle matters through mediation.

Commercial Litigation/Arbitration/Mediation
Tunstead & Schechter has successfully litigated for plaintiffs and defendants in actions arising out of business transactions in arbitration proceedings and Courts of law, and regularly resolve disputes through mediation.

Construction Claims
We have extensive experience in preparing and litigating construction claims. We have the ability to analyze all aspects of how our clients have been adversely impacted and delayed on construction projects, and in the preparation of claims for submission in accordance with our clients’ contracts on public and private projects.

Contract Analysis and Transactional Services
We regularly draft, review and analyze contracts for our clients, and provide advice on general business and financial matters.

We routinely defend and prosecute claims on labor and material payment bonds and performance bonds. Our experience in these cases and the credibility and trust our firm has built over decades with sureties both locally and nationally has helped our clients immeasurably in the defense or prosecution of surety bond claims.

Appellate Practice
We handle all aspects of appellate practice, whether protecting a favorable judgment or correcting an unfavorable judgment.